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Camping finca buena onda (camping the good vibes), nicaragua, is a spot in harmony with nature and in congruity with sustainable tourism. Our guests can enjoy the calmness of nature and the beauty of the beaches of the pacific where no road exists. Get access to this part of paradise on foot or in a horse wagon.

Our concept is mainly directed to international students and backpackers. Every guest is welcome to commit their ideas to the development of the project. Instead of paying for your stay you can participate in the project by doing construction, client service, garden works, etc. Be a part of our development in exchange for accommodation .

Finca buena onda is a beautiful place direct at the beach of the pacific. You can camp there, chill out or party with kind people.

We offer a small shop, where you can obtain  basic food and drinks (juices, refreshments, beer, rum, etc.) at reasonable prices. An open kitchen and a barbecue are always available to you free of charge.

We also rent tents, hammocks , surfboards , bicycles, etc, we can organize special tours led by highly qualified guides for interested people with focus on local flora and fauna, archaeological sites and museums. We offer offshore fishing tours, volcano hikes, and on request contacts for private transport to the airport or other places of interest, even to doctors and hospitals.

We expect our guests to have a high grade of social competence and we assume that they treat their natural and social environment respectfully - basic prerequisite for peaceful coexistence. With this spirit finca buena onda is a place where people sharing the vision of ' a better world ' can meet.

have fun